Integrative Transpersonal Therapeutic Counsellor

Counselling and Therapy in Reading and Online


‘If one has courage, Nothing can dim the light that shines from within’

Maya Angelou



Hello, my name is Amanda Parry, I am in Integrative Transpersonal counsellor.                                        

As an integrative transpersonal counsellor, I will provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space for us to work in. I will walk beside you as you explore your concerns, to help bring what has happened into focus, to disentangle the threads and understand your concerns more clearly, to find your own way through. I can’t give you the answers, I can help you find yours.

Life can be challenging at times, confusing, painful and uncertain. You may be dealing with an unexpected life event, difficulties in a relationship, a separation or divorce, a bereavement or feelings of anxiety or depression, not sure which way to turn, feelings of shame, hopelessness or overwhelm. Life may not be working out the way you hoped it would and need to understand more of why that is or you at a crossroads, needing to make choices.

Counselling isn’t always a comfortable process, you may feel vulnerable and feelings may arise that you weren’t expecting or have tried to avoid.  The culture and environment we grow up in has an impact on who we become, of how we are in the world. This can lead us to hiding aspects of ourselves away in order to survive, to be accepted, to be cared for.  These parts of ourselves may emerge from the unconscious, perhaps in behaviours, sudden emotional outbursts or through flashbacks, memories.  This is a soulful calling, a reminder that some healing work still needs to be done, something within needs attention.

Counselling brings the opportunity to re-connect to yourself, to what is important to you and restore your sense of who you are, of your place in the world, for healing and relief from suffering.  We cannot undo what has happened to us, we can begin to find a way to live with it as a part of who we are.