Integrative Transpersonal Therapeutic Counsellor

Counselling and Therapy in Reading and Online


“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

Mary Oliver

How I work

I am trained to work with different therapeutic models, able to tailor our working together to suit the exploration of your issues. 

I work with talking therapy and also more creatively, as needed, perhaps with a dream you have had, with imagination or a story. Working in this way can help to expand the meaning of an experience, to gain a different view of it, to bring healing and integration to parts of your life.

Sometimes there are no words for an experience, where using a song or a poem, a drawing, can help to bring that experience into the present moment, to be seen and witnessed, to make it more conscious.  This begins the journey of recovery, to see more clearly that aspect of your life and how it affects you now, to give more choice around that.

Counselling can also be about bringing the joy back into your life, to remember what gives your life meaning and enjoyment, to rekindle your passion, to explore more of who you are, to remember what has been forgotten.

For me, the therapeutic relationship is important in counselling, for us to build a trusting relationship that allows you to be yourself without fear of judgement, to be in a confidential and held space.  Sometimes old relationship patterns from life will repeat in our relationship, giving an opportunity to explore what is happening in the present, to find a way of working through old wounds, to begin to heal a past hurt.

I am registered as a member of the BACP and work to their Code of Ethics.

I undertake regular supervision for my work with clients and continue my professional development through further training.