Integrative Transpersonal Therapeutic Counsellor

Counselling and Therapy in Reading and Online


''There is some strange, hidden symmetry in the soul.

John Donaghue

Amanda Parry

I worked for the NHS in a non-clinical role for some years, working as a trainer and support analyst with staff from all professional backgrounds.  I loved working for the NHS, providing a service in a role that supported staff to be able to do their jobs in the front line on a daily basis. From my own experience of self-development and therapy, I decided to train as a counsellor. I enjoy working with people and trained at Re-Vision in London, a three year diploma course that trains its therapists from the inside out, so we come to know ourselves and our own stories as part of the training process, a challenging and enriching journey.  In working in an integrative way, I have become a counsellor who is grounded, experienced and I bring a depth to my work. When we are suffering, it is a soulful call to address its cause, to find healing.

I worked for a low cost counselling service as part of my training and afterwards, gaining experience with a wide range of people from different backgrounds, bringing issues ranging from depression, relationship issues, displacement, sexual abuse, sexuality and life purpose. I have worked with short term and long term clients.

I now work in private practice in person and on-line.